“Socio-ecological resilience of tropical smallholder agricultural systems” and “Building Resilience to the Impacts of El Niño: Lessons from the Field” event

Researcher: Annalyse Moskeland

Annalyse's work is linked to NERC’s Understanding the Impacts of the Current El Niño Event research programme:


Outline of research:

Currently, I am working as a research assistant on the NERC funded project, “Socio-ecological resilience of tropical smallholder agricultural systems,” supervised by Emilie Beauchamp (iied), Rebecca Morris (Southampton), and E.J. Milner-Gulland (Oxford.)

This project aims to synthesize data from five El Niño research projects to investigate the impacts of such extreme climatic events on small holder farmers, the socioeconomic and ecological factors mediating these impacts, and subsequent coping strategies.

I am also assisting in the planning of the dissemination of findings event for the NERC/DFID funded, “Understanding the Impacts of the Current El Niño Event” research programme, supervised by Yadvinder Malhi (Oxford) and Mark Hirons (Oxford). This event strives to bring together stakeholders, policy makers, and practitioners with the fourteen individual and four synthesis projects that make up the research programme to ensure their findings influence actions and decisions over a wider audience.


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