Pledge For Our Future

Researcher name: EJ Milner-Gulland; Nell Miles

Period:  May 2020-present

Outline of research: 

Pledge For Our Future is a global platform for people who want to reset their relationship with our planet and radically change the way they live, to nurture a healthy and harmonious Earth.


We encourage people to change their lifestyles and our society to better safeguard the environment, recognising that not every person can make the same changes, but that everyone has the power to make a difference in their own way.

Pledge For Our Future aims to foster a sense of community and help all individuals from different sectors of society make a difference for the planet, empowering them to take action. We aim to provide resources, signpost individuals to relevant organisations and campaigns, create a support network of likeminded people, and hold people accountable for change once they have signed the Pledge with regular email communication. We also aim to provide examples from diverse individuals making a difference in their own way, to inspire ‘unlikely’ environmentalists to realise their own ability to foster change.


words pledge for our future with illustrative flowers in varouos colours dotted around the outside


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