Peni Lestari

Institution: Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program

Position: Socioeconomic Specialist for Marine Program


Since I was young, I constantly received positive exposure from Mother Nature. I enjoyed trekking, climbing mountain and white water rafting.  After finished my undergraduate study, I volunteered as a survey team to installed camera trap for tiger survey in Sumatra, Indonesia. After the survey, I worked in a zoo, which provides me opportunity to interact with captive wildlife, and I was fallen for them. Knowing their state in the wild and how nature degrades broke my heart. So I choose trying to contribute for the preservation of nature and wildlife because I would like to enjoy nature until my last breath and see the wildlife thrive.


MPA’s impact on human well-being, Human wildlife conflict, Pro environmental behaviour, Community psychology.


Livelihood diversification for shark fishermen in Tanjung Luar, Indonesia.

Tanjung Luar in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is one of the most well-known and productive shark fishing ports in Indonesia. The Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia is seeking to design and implement a livelihoods-focused intervention, with financial support from the UK government’s Darwin Initiative, to reduce catches of threatened elasmobranch species and improve human well-being of the fishing community. In order to achieve this, this project aims to better understand the nature and composition of Tanjung Luar’s fishery to (1) Assess livelihood diversification options for shark and ray fishers in Tanjung Luar, (2) Design appropriate livelihood-focused interventions, which have clear market appeal and are adapted to existing capacities and institutions, to incentivize sustainability and improve human well-being, and (3)Assess the impact of these interventions on fisher behaviour and human well-being.


Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia

August 2015 – Now

Socio-economic Specialist for Marine Program


April – July 2015

Consultant for Socio-economic Survey in Taka Bonerate National Park, Sulawesi


Feb – March 2015

Consultant for Wildlife Trade Analysis


Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia

Jan 2015

Master Thesis Research

“Wife’s support towards husband’s behavior to maintain tiger proof enclosure


Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia

Oct 2013 – March 2014

Wildlife Response Unit / Tiger Protection Unit Coordinator


Jan – Sept 2013

Wildlife+ Program Assistant


Frankfurt Zoological Society Indonesia

June – July 2012

Volunteer for sun bear release


Jan 2009 – Feb 2012

Wildlife Protection Unit Manager


July – August 2008

Interpreter on Wildlife Crime Investigation Training


Bali Safari and Marine Park

Feb – May 2008

Guide for zoo visitors


Zoological Society of London Indonesia

April – June 2007


Volunteer for Sumatran tiger’s island wide survey in Bukit Duabelas National Park, Sumatra