Julia Baker


Biodiversity Specialist
Visiting Researcher at Oxford University

Balfour Beatty
9th Floor 5 Churchill Place
Canary Wharf
London, E14 5HU


My main interests are the use of integrated conservation and development (ICD) to achieve protected area conservation through poverty alleviation. This includes understanding how people use natural resources for livelihood and wellbeing needs, and the role of governance in biodiversity conservation.

I worked with the International Institute for Environment and Development on their Darwin Initiative funded project ‘From research to policy: building capacity for conservation through poverty alleviation’, which was based at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Outside research, I work within industry with the aim to drive forward the biodiversity agenda, especially No Net Loss and Net Positive policies to embed conservation principles into construction design, planning and build.


I am currently working on Building Capacity for Pro-Poor Responses to Wildlife Crime in Uganda (funded by the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund) , in collaboration with IIED, the Wildlife Conservation Society Uganda Program and the Uganda Wildlife Authority.  I’m also supervising Victoria on her PhD to integrate No Net Loss of Biodiversity with social gains.

I’m a Research Advisor to the International Institute of Environment and Development on their project “local economic development through gorilla tourism” which is funded by the Darwin Initiative http://www.iied.org/local-economic-development-through-gorilla-tourism


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BBOP Webinar: Network Rail Infrastructure Projects’ application of the mitigation hierarchy for Net Positive 

CIEEM conference: Achieving Biodiversity Net Positive: http://www.cieem.net/data/files/Julia_Baker.pdf

IEMA Webinar: Opening the doors: an inclusive approach to Biodiversity Net Positive:https://vimeo.com/188832215


Julia Baker