Jeffery Mangel


Pew Biodiversity Fellow Jan-Feb 2017


I am from New York, USA and have had an interest in the marine environment my whole life. My first direct experience with on-the-ground marine conservation was monitoring nesting hawksbill sea turtles in Hawaii and I have been truly driven ever since. Since that first experience I have participated in various other research projects with sea turtles, seabirds, and marine mammals.

While these field experiences can be fun and exhilarating, my real focus now is on working to conserve these species. That led me to work with small-scale fisheries in Peru and trying to make these fisheries more sustainable.


What made you want to join ICCS as a Biodiversity fellow?

I wanted to join ICCS because of the experience and expertise of its researchers with testing and implementing real-world solutions to conservation challenges. I believe I can learn much here that will help me improve my efforts to promote conservation of endangered species by Peruvian small-scale fisheries.


Is there a specific project you will be working on while you are with ICCS? Can you tell us a little about it?

While with ICCS I will be learning methods that can help us better understand and track the social and economic impacts of our work in fisher communities and to improve our understanding of how we can develop incentive programs to promote conservation work within small-scale fisheries.


I am a conservation biologist working at the Peruvian non-governmental organization ProDelphinus and as a Darwin Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. My research interests center around understanding the interactions of Peruvian fisheries with threatened and endangered marine fauna, including sea turtles, seabirds, small cetaceans and sharks. This includes multi-disciplinary work to understand the spatial and temporal distributions of species and their population status; fisheries monitoring and management; and bycatch mitigation research and experimentation.

This work requires the use of a wide range of techniques including onboard observer monitoring, drones, satellite tracking, bycatch mitigation technology trials and Rapid Assessment surveying.


My primary works falls under the Darwin Sustainable Artisanal Fisheries Initiative (Peru) led by Dr. Brendan Godley, University of Exeter. This multi-year project, as well as companion and related studies with which I am involved through my work with ProDelphinus all revolve around different aspects of monitoring the distribution, abundance and bycatch of threatened and endangered marine species – including sea turtles, seabirds, marine mammals and sharks – and trialling and implementing measures to mitigate these fishery interactions.

This research includes monitoring of small-scale longline and net fisheries, work with threatened and endangered species including the waved albatross and leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles, and trialing novel bycatch mitigation technologies like acoustic alarms and net illumination.


2006-present:   Science Director, ProDelphinus, Peru

2012-present:   Darwin Research Fellow, University of Exeter, UK

2008-2012:   Graduate education

2005:   Resource Management Liaison, NOAA-Pacific Islands Regional Office, USA

2003-2004:   U.S. Fulbright Fellow, ProDelphinus, Peru

2001-2003:   Graduate education

2001:   Field Biologist, Oceanic Society, Midway Atoll, USA and Suriname

2000:   Green Sea Turtle Field Coordinator, Caribbean Conservation Society, Costa Rica

1997-2000:   Research Assistant, Hawaii Wildlife Fund, USA

1994-1997:   Graduate education

1990-1994:   Undergraduate education 


At any one time I work on multiple projects that receive funding from a broad range of international foundations and government grant programs.


(2015-2017) DEFRA Darwin Initiative

Project on SSF ‘Linking marine biodiversity conservation and fisher prosperity through marketplace innovation’, through University of Exeter, UK

(2015-2018) NOAA-PIRO

Project: Advancing leatherback conservation in the southeast Pacific through bycatch mitigation and community-based conservation

(2016-2017) US Department of State

Project: Partnering with Peruvian small-scale fishers to mitigate at-sea solid waste production

(2016-2017) NOAA-FHQ

Project: Marine spatial planning, Ica Region, Peru


ICCS Biodiversity Fellowship, 2017

Fulbright Scholar, 2003-2004

ORSAS-Overseas Research Students Award Scheme recipient, 2009-2012


IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group

ACAP Seabird Bycatch Working Group

Marine Turtle Research Group, University of Exeter

LAUDOPO-Red Luad Pacifico Oriental

ICAPO-Initiativa Carey del Pacifico Oriental

International Sea Turtle Society

Marine Mammal Society


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David Bartholomew, University of Exeter, UK

Phil Doherty, University of Exeter, UK

Tommy Clay, University of Exeter, UK

Elizabeth Campbell, University of Exeter, UK

Natalia Ortiz, University of Exeter, UK

Astrid Jimenez, Universidad de Piura, Peru

Sergio Pingo, Universidad de Piura, Peru