Isobel Hawkins


During my Biology undergraduate degree at Oxford, I developed my interest in UK biodiversity conservation through my undergrad project. According to numerous metrics, biodiversity within the UK has experienced significant declines, as it has worldwide, and working on my undergraduate research within the OxPOCH project led to me developing a particular interest in how biodiversity can be left in a measurably better state within the context of development.


I am interested in the policy and methods involved in the restoration and enhancement of UK biodiversity.

My masters project explores how well DEFRA’s Biodiversity Metric 3.0 is able to detect variation in the condition of biodiversity, and my internship with OxPOCH focused on investigating the opportunities for biodiversity enhancement on the University of Oxford’s urban estates.


I am working on my MBiol Project into assessing the ability of DEFRA’s Biodiversity Metric 3.0 to detect variation in habitat condition. This aims to compare the condition assessments of the Metric to a detailed analysis of habitat condition, to evaluate where the Metric may be both successful and limited in capturing variation in habitat quality. Metric 3.0 will be used in land development across the UK, to assist in the delivery of mandatory biodiversity net gain. The condition assessments of this tool form an important component in planning for and assessing net gain; therefore, this research aims to assess how well the Metric performs as a tool for measuring habitat condition and enabling development to leave biodiversity in an improved state.


Isobel head and shoulders