Hannah Sackey




Hannah is a visiting Student from University of Ghana (Graduate Student, PhD). Co Supervised by EJ.

Growing up I have always been interested in people and the natural environment, especially finding better ways to use natural resources without compromising on the well-being of our natural environment. I still hold memories of me protecting grasshoppers and butterflies in the fields.

During my undergraduate degree I developed a passion for wildlife management and conservation. I studied the abundance and habitat preference of monkeys in the Shai Hills Resource Reserve in Ghana.

Through my field experience I became enthused about exploitation of wild animals as food, and the threat this poses to biodiversity conservation. I have a particular interest in the bushmeat trade and its implications for resource sustainability and wild animal species conservation, which will be the focus of my PhD research work.




I am interested in biodiversity and wildlife conservation issues including drivers and impacts of over exploitation of wildlife for food, factors that threaten species, and the methods we can use to effectively conserve them.  I am also interested in understanding the links between knowledge and human behaviour and their influence in the context of wildlife conservation.


My PhD research focuses on investigating the patterns and drivers of bushmeat harvest, trade and consumption dynamics in the northern regions of Ghana, where the trade is largely unexplored. This is especially relevant given the on-going decline of wildlife populations facing threats from illegal hunting and bushmeat trade in African savannas.



2016 | Research assistant at University of Ghana | FAO funded project on The Bushmeat commodity Chain in Ghana and Implication for Ebola Virus Disease Risk.

2014–2016 | Teaching Assistant |Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science, University of Ghana

2015 | Field work Assistant at Center for African Wetlands | Re-optimisation and Reoperation study of Akosombo and Kpong Dams: Strategies for Improving the Livelihoods of the Downstream Communities.

2014 |Research Assistant at Center for African Wetlands |Project on vulnerability and adaptive capacity of coastal communities on Climate Change.

2014 | MPhil Zoology (Biodiversity Studies) at University of Ghana, Ghana.

2013–2014 | Lab demonstrator and field work assistant at Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science | University of Ghana.

2012 | Field work assistant at University of Ghana, Legon | Project on Building Capacity for Climate Change (B4C).

2011 | Bachelor of Science in Zoology at University of Ghana, Ghana.



- Building a New Generation of Academics in Africa (BANGA-Africa) Project Scholarship.

Supervised by Professor Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu (University of Ghana), Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland (University of Oxford), and Dr. James McNamara (Breakthrough Institute, USA).


2017 | Travel bursary | Illegal Wildlife Trade Symposium | Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade.

2016 | Building a New Generation of Academics in Africa (BANGA-Africa) Project Scholarship | Scholarship for PhD Biodiversity and Conservation Science Program at University of Ghana.

2015 | Travel Grant | International Congress on Conservation Biology Travel Award: Society for Conservation Biology.

2015 | Travel Grant | Institute of International Education – Carnegie Corporation of New York.

2013 |UG-Carnegie Next Generation of Academics in Africa Project |Scholarship for MPhil Zoology Program.


Society for Conservation Biology (African section)