Lude Kinzonzi joins ICCS as Biodiversity Fellow

LudeWe are pleased to welcome Lude Kinzonzi as our latest Biodiversity Fellow. Lude is currently working with our team on our UKRI GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment Hub programme.

Lude is carrying out research Assessing the COVID-19 pandemic’s influence on perceptions around wildlife consumption and wildlife management policies. Specifically, his work involves identifying and understanding obstacles and opportunities from the COVID-19 outbreak to reduce urban bushmeat trade and consumption in Central Africa, and particularly in the Republic of Congo.

With the emergence of new zoonotic diseases at national and international levels, governments and conservation organisations are putting in place measures such as market bans and other actions to reduce bushmeat trade and therefore decrease wild animal handling by people. These changes will influence the context of urban bushmeat trade and consumption by impacting people’s perceptions and increase interest of non-conservation organisations in wildlife issues. To be able to tailor existing conservation initiatives or policies and future actions to the post- COVID context, it is crucial to understand people’s evolving perceptions on wildmeat trade and identify new potential stakeholders that are interested in future collaborations.

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