The Good Natured Podcast

And it's a wrap for the second season of the Good Natured Podcast! Good Natured is a Conservation Optimism podcast, where listeners can join Julia Migné (Department of Zoology staff member) and Sofia Castelló y Tickell (postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Zoology) for uplifting chats that shine a light on conservation challenges. For season 2, they interviewed a range of guests from dancers to penguinologists, activists, plant ecologists, field conservationists and even tree climbers! For their final episode, Julia and Sofia talked to dancer, choreographer and singer Jen Ganun about leveraging the power of rock and roll for wolf conservation in Colorado.

You can listen to all the episodes here and also check the mini episodes also known as Nature Notes that were produced by students and staff members from the Department of Zoology last summer! You can find out more about their experience taking part in the mentoring programme that Julia and Sofia ran here. This season was made possible thanks to the support of the Public Engagement with Research (PER) Seed Fund.

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