Find out more about Divya Narain - our latest Biodiversity Fellow

Supported by Merton College, Oxford


Our latest Biodiversity Fellow, Divya did her masters in Biodiversity Conservation and Management at Oxford in 2010/11.

Since returning to India she has been looking at the biodiversity-related impacts, dependencies and risks for business, with the objective of influencing policy and practice through research, training and consulting. This is increasingly relevant today as the conservation vs. development battle is intensifying, with India undertaking ever more development of extractives and infrastructure.


What are your plans while you are here at Oxford?

During my fellowship at ICCS, I wish to concentrate my research efforts on biodiversity offsetting and biodiversity-related business risks. How robust are the metrics used for measuring impacts and sizing offsets? Are businesses effectively utilizing the concept of ‘no go areas’ to pre-empt and avoid siting-related biodiversity risks? These are a few questions that I hope to answer during my fellowship.


How is being at Oxford helping you so far?

I have had the opportunity to attend a 2-week programme on ‘Enterprise and the Environment’ at the Smith School. The programme has helped me consolidate my understanding of a number of important areas such as Conservation Finance, Natural Capital, Economics, Climate Change and Energy, Stranded Assets and Extractive Industries to name a few. In fact, you can read a blog I wrote arising from attending a lecture by Prof. Gordon Clark, during this event, here.

I’ve also signed up to a few training courses which are run by the MPLS division which will be a great help to my future research.


Have you got any talks planned?

I am going to deliver a guest lecture on ‘Business Sustainability and the Natural Environment’ at Merton College on 3rd Feb. 2017.


Guest blog

I’ve just written a blog for the ICCS website which you can read here