Framing multidisciplinary approaches to bycatch mitigation: illustrations from commercial and small-scale fishery case studies

Researcher: William Arlidge

Period: Jan 2016 – Jan 2019

Will's research is linked to: Developing Innovative Bycatch Reduction Approaches for Large Pelagic Ecosystems

Funder: Pew Charitable Trusts


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Gillnet fishermen prepare their nets on the beach in San Jose, Lambayeque, Peru.


DPhil Overview:

My research aims to find novel solutions for managing the incidental capture (bycatch) of protected species in fisheries. My project investigates the application of a number of 'incentive-based' approaches that are widely applied on land, such as biodiversity mitigation, certification schemes, payment for ecosystem services and insurance subsidies, in order to improve compliance and aid marine conservation.





Outline of research:


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Open-welled vessels known as chalanas line many of Peru’s beaches, home to over 16,000 small-scale fishing vessels.

The first major theme of my research is to understand if a framework known as the mitigation hierarchy could be effective when applied to fisheries. You can read more on this project in our foundation paper, translating the terrestrial mitigation hierarchy to marine megafauna bycatch and by visiting the project page. Using a case-study fishery in Peru, I am investigating our framework's ability to bring together multiple bycatch mitigation strategies in a structured way to reduce captures of turtles.

The second major theme of my research investigates how best to incentivise changes in fisher behaviour to increase compliance with bycatch reduction strategies, with case-studies from fisheries in both the large-scale and small-scale fishery sectors.


Summary of planned activities:

Project outputs:

Arlidge WNS, Bull JW, Addison PFE, Burgass MJ, Gianuca D, Gorham TM, Jacob C, Shumway N, Sinclair SP, Watson JEM, Wilcox C, Milner-Gulland EJ (2018). A Global Mitigation Hierarchy for Nature Conservation. BioScience doi:10.1093/biosci/biy029.

Milner-Gulland EJ, Garcia SM, Arlidge WNS, Bull JW, Charles T, Dagorn L, Fordham S, Hall M, Schrader J, Vestergaard N, Wilcox C, Squires D (2018) Translating the terrestrial mitigation hierarchy to marine megafauna bycatch. Fish and Fisheries DOI:10.1111/faf.12273.


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