Nell Miles



The driving factor behind my study and work is a desire to see a sustainable and equitable future where humans and nature live in harmony. Through my studies I have gained a strong interest in developing solutions to pertinent issues like climate change that benefit both people and nature – the intrinsic link between people, biodiversity and the environment mean that to truly be sustainable, solutions must provide positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

In this fight to mitigate climate change and halt the biodiversity crisis, everyone has a role to play. Collaboration between governments, businesses and the public is vital to drive change, so I want to engage people from all walks of life to help them understand their place in developing a sustainable future. With Pledge For Our Future I aim to show that through changing our lifestyles and using our power as consumers and voters, we all can promote a better future and tackle the social inequality and environmental degradation that has grown so much in previous decades. I also have specific interests in species and ecosystem conservation through my Undergraduate degree, and hope to further this in my Master’s project and future work.


Research interests 

As an Undergraduate I enjoy quite a broad range of topics, but have particular interests in herpetology, tropical forests and Lepidopteran ecology. I’m also very interested in human-wildlife interactions and how to conserve biodiversity in increasingly human-dominated landscapes – working over the past year as Assistant to the Technical Advisor for Forestry and Climate Change in Ekiti State Forestry Commission, Nigeria as part of a collaboration with the School of Anthropology has given me an appreciation of the policy side of nature conservation, and I hope to further my work and education the science-policy interface in the future. Motivating all members of society to engage in climate action and nature conservation is massively important to me, promoting my work with Pledge For Our Future.



young woman with long dark hair standing in a young forestI’m currently in my third year studying Biology and am going to be undertaking an internship this summer with the Durrell Institute and Saiga Conservation Alliance, focussing on the development of a Protected Area in Resurrection Island, Uzbekistan.

I hope to gain skills in data analysis, mapping and an understanding of how conservation projects progress from conception to finish. Within my role as Coordinator of Pledge For Our Future, I’m currently establishing a team and developing a long term plan for engaging people with sustainability issues.




  • Coordinator, Pledge For Our Future (Sept 2021-present).
  • Assistant to the Technical Advisor for Forestry and Climate, Ekiti State Forestry Commission (Jun 2021-present).
  • Executive Producer for Oxford Botanic Garden's upcoming podcast, UnbeLEAFable Botany (Jul 2021-present).
  • Durrell Institute/Saiga Conservation Alliance Internship (Jul-Sept 2022).

Other Experience:

  • Hertford College Environment and Ethics Representative (Oct 2021-present).
  • Junior Consultative Committee Representative, University of Oxford Biology Department (Oct 2020-present).
  • Secondary Education Volunteer, Oxford Botanic Garden (Jul 2021-present).



Young woman with long dark hair facing camera in amongst ferns and greenery