Thesis Archive

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Munib Sajad Khanyari (2022) Towards improved understanding and management of parasite transmission in the rangelands of Asia

Hollie Booth (2021)  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Shark and Ray Conservation

Sofia Castello y Tickell (2021) Sunken worlds: Social and ecological dimensions of human-made reefs (PDF)

Mirjam Hazenbosch (2021)  Seeing beyond the smoke: smallholder farming in Papua New Guinea in a changing world

Alegria Olmedo (2021) Exploring the role and effectiveness of celebrities in illegal wildlife product demand reduction campaigns

Melissa Arias (2021) Illegal Jaguar Trade in Latin America: An Evidence-Based Approach to Support Conservation Actions

Juliet Helen Wright (2021) Livelihood interventions in conservation Expectations and reality around protected areas in Cameroon

Timothy Kuiper (2021) The reliability and conservation value of ranger-collected data on elephant poaching

Hunter Lockwood Doughty (2021) An evidence-based behavioural intervention on saiga horn as a traditional medicine in Singapore pdf

Emiel de Lange (2021) Improving environmental interventions by understanding social networks

Arlidge, William (2020)  Mitigating marine megafauna captures in fisheries 

Brittain, Stephanie Marie (2020) Integrating local knowledge into wildlife population monitoring

Griffiths, Victoria (2019) Win-win? Balancing people's uses of nature with biodiversity No Net Loss

Burgass, Michael (2019) Effective design and use of indicators for marine conservation

Short, Rebecca (2019) "Disentangling the net: The socio-ecological dynamics of mosquito net fishing"

Sinclair, Samuel (2018) "The Role of Social Factors in Complex Decision-Making Processes"

Larrosa, Cecilia (2017) "Unintended feedbacks: implications and applications for conservation"  

Earle, Samantha (2017) "Communities Count: exploring the role of participatory monitoring in conservation and development initiatives" (pdf)

Beauchamp, Emilie  (2016) "Seeing the people for the trees: Impacts of conservation on human well-being in Northern Cambodia" (pdf)

Bladon,  Annabelle Jade (2016) "Conservation payments in data-poor, developing-world fisheries" (pdf)

McNamara, James (2014) "The dynamics of a bushmeat hunting system under social, economic and environmental change" (part 1, part 2)

Palmer-Fry, Ben (2014) "Navigating the complexities of Community Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (CMRV)" (pdf)

Travers, Henry (2014) Making friends with benefits: an investigation into the use of incentives for the conservation of forest commons (pdf)

Bull, Joe (2014) Biodiversity offsets for moving conservation targets (pdf)

Davies, Tim (2014) Understanding fleet behaviour to reduce uncertainty in tuna fisheries management (pdf)

O'Kelly, Hannah (2013) Monitoring conservation threats, interventions and impacts on wildlife in a Cambodian tropical forest. (pdf)

Nuno, Ana (2013) Managing social-ecological systems under uncertainty: implications for conservation (pdf)

Watson, Charlie (2013) "Forest conservation for communities and carbon: the economics of community forest management in the Bale Mountains Eco-­Region, Ethiopia" (pdf [17MB])

Tidd, Alex (2013) "Spoilt for choice? Linking individual fishing behaviour with fleet dynamics" (pdf)

Martin, Davy (2013) "Measuring the effectiveness of incentives. Can experimental games really be the answer? (pdf)

Pan, Yuan (2013) - "Comparing the status of Chinese giant salamanders between three nature reserves in Guizhou province using local ecological knowledge" (pdf)

Roberts, Jim (2012) "Ecology and management of range edge populations: the case of toothfish species at the South Sandwich Islands" (pdf [8.5MB])

Clements, Tom (2012) "Money for something? Investigating the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation interventions in the northern plains of Cambodia" (pdf [15MB])

Papworth, Sarah (2012) "Small scale human-primate behavioural interactions in Amazonian Ecuador" (pdf)

Woodhouse, Emily (2012) "The role of Tibetan Buddhism in environmental conservation under changing socio-economic conditions in China" (pdf)

Wallace, Andrea P.C. (2012) “Understanding fishers’ spatial behaviour to estimate social costs in local conservation planning” (pdf)

Hill, Nick (2011) "Livelihood diversification for conservation: Interactions between seaweed farming and fishing in Danajon Bank, central Philippines" (pdf)

Hoshino, Eriko (2010) " The effect of multiple uncertainties on the performance of bioeconomic models for fishery management" (pdf)

Sommerville, Matt (2010) "Challenges in implementing payments for environmental services for biodiversity conservation in a developing country context" (pdf)

Keane, Aiden (2010) "Understanding Rule Breaking Behaviour in Conservation" (pdf)

Kerry Waylen (2010) "The implications of local views and institutions for the outcomes of community-based conservation" (pdf)

Hargreaves-Allen, Venetia (2009) "Economic Values, Distributional Impacts and Conservation Outcomes for Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas"  (PDF)

Howe, Caroline (2009) "The role of education as a tool for environmental conservatin and sustainable development" (pdf)

Black, Julie (2009) "Conservation Value of the North Pennines" (pdf)

Rist, Lucy (2009) "Assessing a threat to sustainable NTFP harvest using Ecological Data and Traditional Knowledge" (pdf)

Allebone-Webb, Sophie (2009) "Evaluating dependence on wildlife products in rural Equatorial Guinea" (pdf)

Bunnefeld, Nils (2008) "The interaction between demography and harvesting in red grouse" (pdf)

Kühl, Aline (2008) "The Conservation Ecology of the Saiga Antelope" (pdf)

Coad, Lauren (2007) "Bushmeat hunting in Gabon: Socio-economics and hunter behaviour" (pdf)

Kumpel, Noelle (2006) "Incentives for sustainable hunting of bushmeat in Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea" (pdf)

Rist, Janna (2007) "Bushmeat catch per unit effort in space and time: a monitoring tool for bushmeat hunting" (pdf)

Proaktor, Gil (2007) "Costs of reproduction in vertebrates: an ecological and evolutionary approach" (pdf)

Senaratna, Sonali (2006) "The sustainability of livelihood dynamics in a rural coastal community in Sri Lanka" (pdf: Title, Front, chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, References)

Ling, Stephen (2004) "Spatial bioeconomics of subsistence hunting" (pdf: preface; chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; appendix)

Morgan, Eric (2003) "Parasites of saiga antelopes and domestic livestock in Kazakhstan" (pdf: summary, contents, chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, references, appendix)

Clarke, Shelley (2003) "Quantification of the Trade in Shark Fins" (pdf: preface; chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7; appendix 1, 2)

Lundervold, Monica (2001) "Infectious diseases of saiga antelopes and domestic livestock in Kazakhstan" (pdf)

Robinson, Sarah (2000) "Pastoralism and land degradation in Kazakhstan" (pdf)

Wynter V (2022) The role of agricultural management practices in driving biodiversity loss in global coffee systems (pdf)

Biggs. E (2022) Meating environmental goals: trialing descriptive dynamic norms as a method to decrease meat consumption within a UK field setting. (pdf)

Hawkins. I (2022) Assessing the performance of DEFRA’s Biodiversity Metric (pdf)

Dow. B (2022) Assessing the performance of DEFRA’s Biodiversity Metric (pdf)

Lord, M. (2018) An investigation of the relationship of the Jersey public with the conservation project birds on the edge, and the chough as a flagship species (pdf)

Grub, H. (2019) Delivering biodiversity net gain for infrastructure development through stakeholder engagement (pdf)

Castelló y Tickell. Sofia. (2016) Hidden Depths: Human costs of enforcement and compliance in no-take marine protected areas. (pdf

Simkin, K (2016) Trialling the Theory of Change approach to impact evaluation in conservation using the Saiga Conservation Alliance’s work in Uzbekistan as a case study (pdf)

Kor, Laura (2015) "Conservation of the Uzbek Ustyurt saiga population: Assessing the drivers of illegal behaviour using the Theory of Planned Behaviour" (pdf)

Soh, Zestin (2015) "An Evaluation of Community-based Monitoring of Biodiversity in Greater London" (pdf)

Martin, Davy (2013) "Measuring the effectiveness of incentives: Can experimental games really give us the answer?" (pdf)

Marsden, Emma (2012) "Conservation of migratory species in the face of new threats and limited data availability: Case study of saiga antelope in Uzbekistan" (pdf)

Short, Katherine (2012) "Exploring Seafood Sector Evaluation of Ecosystem Services to Guide Investment in Fisheries Rebuilding" (pdf)

Short, Katherine (2011) "Stakeholder perspectives on ecosystem-based management of marine fisheries: A basis for improved seafood sustainability?" (pdf)

Jones, Izzy (2011) "Oil and gas development in Uzbekistan: vegetation responses to disturbances on the Ustyurt plateau" (pdf)

Daish, Alice (2011) "Uncertainty in models for decision making in conservation" (pdf)

Campbell, Alison (2007) "An investigation into the conservation impact of research published in the scientific literature" (pdf)

Di Fonzo, Martina (2007) "Determining correlates of human-elephant conflict reports within fringe villages of Kaziranga National Park, Assam " (pdf)

Evans, Lauren (2007) "Land use patterns, resource use conflict and community-based conservation in Northern Tanzania " (pdf)

Fisher, Zomo (2007) "The decline of the Djibouti francolin and juniper woodland in the Foret du Day, Djibouti: A response to climate changes and grazing pressure? " (pdf)

Garrett, Lucy (2007) "Attitudinal values towards sacred groves, Southwest Sichuan, China: Implications for conservation " (pdf)

Hill, Margot (2007) "Stakeholder responses to climate change in the Swiss Alps " (pdf)

McGregor, Kirsty (2007) "Spillover from marine reserves: A systematic literature review and population model for queen conch, using Gladden Spit Marine Reserve, Belize, as a case study " (pdf)

Papworth, Sarah (2007) "Shifting baseline syndrome: An investigation " (pdf)

Roberts, Nick (2007) "Reducing Emissions from Deforestation " (pdf)

Watson, Charlene (2007) "Direct consumptive use valuation of ecosystem goods and services in the Bale Mountains Eco-region, Ethiopia" (pdf)

Wilson, Alex (2007) "A multi-species spatially explicit bioeconomic model of a marine reserve " (pdf)

Bull, Joseph (2006) "A PVA for wolves in Norway under different management regimes" (pdf)

Gao, Laila (2006) "The impact of conservation policy on attitudes towards the environment: A case study on Hainan Island, China" (pdf)

Griffiths, Richard (2006) "Meeting the climate challenge? An analysis of coral reef conservation systems in Kenya and Tanzania" (pdf)

McConville, A.J. (2006) "Modelling the biasses in aerial survey techniques of the saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica) in Kazakhstan" (pdf)

Woodhouse, Emily (2006) "Perceptions of conservation by children and women in the Palas Valley, Pakistan and implications for environmental education" (pdf)

Ford, Adriana (2005) "An evaluation of wildlife monitoring and anti-poaching activities" (pdf)

Hill, Nicholas (2005) "Livelihoods in an artisanal fishing community and the effect of ecotourism" (pdf)

Howe, Caroline (2005) "Reconciling protected area management and sustainable development: a study of the socio-economics and wild food use of local communities in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Indian Himalayas" (pdf)

Schofield, Lee (2005) "Public attitude toward mammal reintroductions: a Highland case study" (pdf)

Turner, Briony (2005) "A spatial analysis of the drivers of livelihood and land use change in Maasailand, Tanzania" (zip file)

Waylen, Kerry (2005) "Turtles & tourism, perceptions & Pawi. Perceptions of natural resources and the effect of ecotourism, in Grande Riviere, Trinidad." (pdf)

Fry, Marcus (2004) "The status of the Saiga antelope in the Ustiurt region of western Kazakhstan" (pdf)

Hargreaves-Allen, Venetia (2004) "Estimating the total economic value of coral reefs for residents of Sampela, a Bajau community in Wakatobi Marine National, Sulawesi. A case study." (pdf)

Keylock, Nick (2002) "The importance of hunting for bushmeat to a rural community in Equatorial Guinea" (pdf)

Langley, Caroline (2002) "Development policy for Langkawi: The environmental and economic implications of encouraging tourism" (pdf)

Wadmore, Alison (2002) "Feasibility study for defining an adaptive methodology to assess the poaching threat to tigers in Protected Areas." (pdf)