Thesis archive (MSc ConSci)

This page contains only theses produced by students on the MSc in Conservation Science at imperial College London. Please see our general thesis archive for other MSc and PhD theses supervised within the group, and our publications archive for other publications.

Please note that copyright for each thesis belongs to its author. 



Newell, Helena - Natural capital accounting to support assessment of the "no net loss" principle for biodiversity and people for an infrastructure project in Uganda (pdf)



F.M.O. Olsthoorn - Determinants of spatial patterns of human activity in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (pdf)

Richards, Holly - Evaluating the impact of the 2017 Conservation Optimism summit and the broader implications of Conservation Optimism (pdf)



Betts, Jessica - A framework for evaluating the impact of the IUCN Red List (pdf)

Booth, Hollie - Using the case of illegal manta ray trade in Indonesia to evaluate the impact of wildlife trade policy (pdf)

Christelow, Jennifer - A Force for Nature: Assessing the impact of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (pdf)

Walker, Catherine - Testing the validity of a theory of change approach to conducting a Social Impact Assessment in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia (pdf)



Archer, Lucy - Conservation Conversations; Understanding the potential impacts of future policy interventions in Uganda. (pdf)

Brady, Leana - It’s not easy being green: Exploring the barriers to keeping more globally threatened amphibians in ex-situ collections (pdf)

Denny, Sean - Fire in the East Usambaras: An investigation into the factors driving agricultural burning practices bordering Amani Nature Reserve, Tanzania (pdf)

Dhanda, Sarekha - Evaluating stakeholder perceptions and approaches for improving the impact of the re-designated Saigachy Reserve, Uzbekistan (pdf)

Gurung, Rajina - Mosquito Net Fishing: a Global Perspective on an Emerging Issue (pdf)

Bennett, Guy - Modelling Regeneration and Deforestation in the Atlantic Forest Brazil (pdf)

Howard, Natasha - Forest products from non-forest? The value of different land use types in providing important wild harvested products to local communities in Madagascar? (pdf)

Ibbett, Harriett - Understanding the impact of local people on Bengal florican populations in central Cambodia (pdf)

Lamba, Aakash - Assessing the Impacts of Livestock Grazing in the Trans-Himalayan Rangelands of Spiti, India (pdf)

Leroy, Sophia - Making Use of Local Knowledge and Participatory Monitoring to Engage with Local Communities: A Case Study of Hunters’ Perceptions of Change in Lefini, Republic of Congo (pdf)

Modest, Michelle - Anthropogenic noise pollution: Understanding the effects of Mid-Frequency Active Sonar on Risso’s dolphin behaviour (pdf)

Murphy, Lydia - A crowded forest: Managing woodlands for red squirrels, pine martens and humans on private estates in Scotland (pdf)

Mwedde, Geoffrey -  Cutting the roots of wildlife crime: Local people's preference for wildlife crime reduction policies. Perspectives of people around queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls protected areas, Uganda (pdf)

Olmedo, Alegria - Evaluating behavior change interventions: A case study in Vietnam (pdf)

Oposa, Anna - Good Seatizenship: Evaluating the effect of the Sea and Earth Advocates Camp on Self-Reported Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours (pdf)

Passoni, Gioele - Wind farm prioritisation based on potential impacts on wolf (Canis lupus) habitat in Croatia (pdf)

Pradhan, Janani - Habitat suitability modelling to guide longterm conservation strategies for the pygmy hog in Assam (pdf)

Ruzowitsky, Lucas - The conservation impact of training. The Durrell Conservation Academy as a case study (pdf)

Sawrey, Brittany - Evaluating training impacts in conservation: A case study in Mauritius (pdf)

Shepherd, Ellen - Measuring progress toward Aichi Target 14 (pdf)

Strampelli, Paolo - Status and habitat use responses of leopard (Panthera pardus) in a human impacted region of rural Mozambique (pdf)

Taylor, Katherine - An Assessment of Pollen Nectar Margins in Cambridge (pdf)

Whiteman, Ari - Alternative Energy Development and the Future of Eurasian Brown Bears in Croatia (pdf)

Alatorre Troncoso, Andrea - Mexico’s national payments for ecosystem services program: in the wrong place at the right time (pdf)

Arthur, Josephine - The utility of protected areas for large carnivore conservation (pdf)

Baker, Francesca - Assessing the Asian industry link in the intercontinental trade of african pangolins, Gabon (pdf)

Barnsley, Sarah - The Land Manager Perspective of EU Agri-Environment Schemes: A Comparison of the Scientific and Media Literature (pdf)

Bennett, Charles - Evaluating the influence of habitat on nest distribution and breeding performance of the Marsh Harrier, Circus aeruginosus, in the UK (pdf)

Cecil, Chase - Factors influencing collaboration toward cetacean and sea turtle conservation in the Adriatic Sea (pdf)

Cheetham, Sarah - Investigating the dynamics of resin tapping in Seima protection forest, Cambodia (pdf)

Crawford, Vanessa - An analysis of health issues, with particular reference to the wasting syndrome observed in captive breeding programs (pdf)

Dablin, Lucy - Assessing the Drivers of Forest Loss in Madre de Dios, Perú (pdf)

Duffy, Henry - Fisheries Resources of Pitcairn Island: Assessment and Management Challenges (pdf)

Duthie, Elizabeth - Celebrities in Conservation: Are they a hindrance or a help? (pdf)

Elliott, Sophie - Teenage Dreams: can adolescent aspirations be used to inform new conservation initiatives in Kazakhstan? (pdf)

Evans, Ben - Hunting for Change: Examining Policy and Change in Bushmeat Hunting through Scenarios (pdf)

Esmail, Nafeesa - investigating conservation conflicts in Musalungu game management area, Zambia (pdf)

Fitzmaurice, Amy - The Direct and Indirect Impacts of Logging on Mammals in Sabah, Borneo (pdf) Ghosh, Pria - Lineage specific diagnostics type amphibian chytrid lineages in trade amphibians, zoo collections and wild populations (pdf)

Gorham, Taylor - Impacts of Shrimp Trawling on Community Composition of the Macrobenthic Fauna of Western Greenland (pdf)

Hogg, Forest - Consumption and Conservation: Assessing the prevalence and nature of the illegal trade and consumption of the pre-Caspian saiga population (pdf)

Howarth, Charles - Where to go? Using Social Media to Assess the Spatial Distribution of Recreation on the Great Barrier Reef (pdf)

King, Emily - Hunting for the Problem: An investigation into bushmeat use around North Luangwa National Park, Zambia (pdf)

Kirkby, Andrew - Understanding the Burning Regime of Lac Tele Community Reserve (pdf)

Lang, Victoria - Banking on Savings: Understanding the role of community-based microfinance in conservation of the North Luangwa ecosystem (pdf)

Levikov, Nicole - To Migrate or to Forage? The Where, When and Why Behind Grevy’s Zebra Movement (pdf)

Liang, Xuchang - Impact of Climate Change on Large Herbivore of Highlands: the case of the Wild Yak (Bos mutus) in Tibet (pdf)

Linsky, Jean - Distribution and Conservation of Threatened Plant Species on Anegada, British Virgin Islands (pdf)

Mabbutt, Katie - Factors affecting intention to volunteer: Conserving the Ural saiga population (pdf)

Maggi, Clio - Assessing landscape-level variations in human propensity to kill lions in Samburu, Isiolo and Laikipia counties, northern Kenya (pdf)

Maunde, Pheobe - Understanding what motivates participation in environmental digital citizen science across different sectors of society in the United Kingdom (pdf)

Shepard, Rachel - Hedging Bets: The Effect of Field Boundary Variables on Farmland Songbird Breeding Success in Scotland (pdf)

Spira, Charlotte - Large carnivores, people and livestock in the Laikipia-Samburu ecosystem: a comparative study of livestock depredation across different land-uses (pdf)

Turner, Christopher - Using habitat suitability modelling to assess the relationships between shrimp trawling and the distributions of deep sea corals (pdf)

Walker, Sarah - Applying Extinction Risk Modelling to Develop Global Conservation Priorities for Bulbous Monocots (pdf)

Wyver, Jamie - Investigating public attitudes towards the reintroduction of Eurasian Lynx Lynx lynx to the United Kingdom (pdf)

Aberdeen, Samuel - Population Viability Analysis of Partula Snails within different reserves types in Tahiti (pdf)

Barnes, Paul - The Mauritian Flying Fox Pteropus niger: Identifying underlying social drivers of conflict in Mauritius (pdf)

Brittain, Stephanie - Rapid assessment of the status and distribution of Loxodonta cyclotis in South East Cameroon (pdf)

Bush, Emma - Mosquito Net Fishing in East Africa (pdf) Cardoso Fonseca, Catarina - Interaction between areas of finless porpoise occurrence in the Yangtze river and spatial distribution of different fishing gear (pdf)

Chan, Christina - Effects of invasive mammalian presence on Red-billed Tropic bird nests (pdf)

Dancer, Anthony - Do community-conserved areas in Tanzania achieve conservation goals? (pdf)

Dorward, Leejiah - Assessing the effectiveness of participatory monitoring of Saiga Saiga tatarica in Kalmykia (pdf)

Eckert, Sara - Exploring the world's no-take MPAs (pdf)

Evans, Tom - The magnitude and determinants of alien bird impacts in Australia (pdf)

Fairburn, Billy - Strengthening capacity for conservation in a global conservation network (pdf)

Gleave, Rosa - Post-dispersal seed removal rates: the relative roles played by vertebrates and invertebrates along a land-use gradient due to tropical forest degradation in Sabah, Malaysia (pdf)

Harrison, Mariel - Establishing profiles and motivations of resource users at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (pdf)

Hazelwood, Kirstie - What factors are affecting red grouse nesting success and chick survival at Langholm Moor? (pdf)

Jenkins, Heather - Human dimensions of illegal bird trapping in Cyprus Johnson, Sarah - Lapwing nest and chick survival on AES fallow plots (pdf)

Jones, Sam - Examining the behavioural costs of heat in a climatically range-restricted arid zone bird; The Ethiopian Bush-crow Zavatarriornis stresemanni (pdf)

Kerr, Catherine - Human Wildlife conflict from large mammals crop raiding in cash crops in Sierra Leone (pdf)

Laginha Pinto Correia, David - Buffet or a la carte? The impacts of supplementary feeding on the Hihi (pdf)

Motoki, Masato - A preliminary triage approach to global assessment of palms extinction risk (pdf)

Pollard, Chris - Assessment of critical evaluation systems for community-based conservation programmes in Samburu, northern Kenya (pdf)

Price, Vikki - Investigating the dynamics of human-wildlife conflict between Mauritian fruit bats and commercial fruit growers (pdf)

Püschel, Nicole - Evaluating spatial trade-offs of prioritising different objectives of the Working for Water programme in South Africa (pdf)

Selinske, Matthew - Satisfaction of Cape Nature's Stewardship Program Participants (pdf)

Selvey, Charlotte - Impact Evaluation of cMRV in Guyana to ensure local communities are ready for REDD (pdf)

Sennett, Rebecca Common Ground: Understanding patterns and perceptions of human-elephant conflict and identifying mitigation strategies for North Luangwa, Zambia (pdf)

Shirkhorshidi, Mahboobeh - Local community perceptions on natural resource governance at protected areas (pdf)

Shishkova, Elena - A Review of Good Practices in Assessing the Social Impact of Protected Areas (pdf)

Spooner, Fiona - Using telemetry data to investigate habitat use by African elephants in Samburu National Reserve (pdf)

Ward, Caroline - Factors defining tolerance in parrot-human conflict dynamics in Bonaire (pdf)

Wheeler, Lisa - Understanding the movement and behaviour of Grevy's zebra by mapping collar data against environmental and anthropogenic landscape variables (pdf)

Wilkinson, Clare - Composition and abundance of tropical freshwater vertebrate communities across a land use gradient (pdf)

Allen, Andrew – How does the landscape structure shape the movement and feeding patterns of red deer (Cervus elaphus) in Sweden? (pdf)

Alvares, Ricardo – Estimating abundance of marine otter populations (Lontra felina, Molina 1782) through binomial N-mixture models from replicated counts in southern Chile (pdf)

Blackhurst, Daisy – Biodiversity offsetting: a qualitative exploration of applicability and thresholds (pdf)

Blossom, Theodore – Fishing for data: potential for citizen science to conserve freshwater ecosystems (pdf)

Bodenham, Rebecca - Law Enforcement Monitoring Patrolling in Gabon, Illegal Activity and Patrol Effectiveness Boron, Valeria – Are jaguars paying the price of our thirst for palm oil? (pdf)

Croes, Jennifer - Closing shop? An analysis of cultural, spatial and temporal trends of Indonesian wildlife markets though traders’ eyes (pdf)

da Silva, Lia – Ecosystem services assessment at Steart peninsula, Somerset, UK (pdf)

Fairbrass, Alison – Using novel techniques to measure illegal killing of birds in southern Portugal: the unmatched count technique (pdf)

Fouda, Leila – Noisy neighbours: using Automatic Identification System (AIS) and passive acoustic monitoring data to measure individual vessel source levels in critical whale habitat (pdf)

Gossa, Céline – Mind the Gap! How conservation practitioners and researchers in developing countries exchange scientific information (pdf)

Griffin, Oliver – Modelling the severity of deforestation in coastal Tanzania and comparison of data sources (pdf)

Groenenberg, Milou – Matrix-mitigated edge and area effects on neotropical bats in a fragmented landscape (pdf)

Gurd, Heather – Evaluating the success of ‘Warrior Watch’: a community-based conservation initiative in Samburu, northern Kenya (pdf)

Hing, Stephanie – A survey of endoparasites in endangered Bornean elephants Elephas maximus borneesis in continuous and fragmented habitat (pdf)

Hobson, Keziah – An investigation into prey selection in the Scottish wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris) (pdf)

Holland, Twyla – An exploration of the coverage, ecological representativeness, and management effectiveness of Latin America’s protected area network (pdf)

Hudson, Alex – Recovery of the endemic Caicos pine: invasive pest management and restoration (pdf)

Kriwaczek, Robert – An extinction analysis for lemurs using random forests (pdf)

Lam, Jackin – Estimating the extent of illegal traditional Chinese medicine trade in Guangzhou, China using occupancy modelling (pdf)

Lindner, Robert – Evaluating evaluation: exploring evaluation methods to assist WWF-UK programme management (pdf)

Lyon, James – The ‘anatomy of disturbance’: a study of anthropic disturbance on Barbary macaque (Macca sylvanus) troops in the Middle Atlas, Morocco (pdf)

Mark, Jennifer – Conservation and management of the Carribbean pine Pinus caribaea var. bahamensis in the Turks and Caicos: treating scale and burning broadleaf (pdf)

Mitchell, William – An assessment of community-managed marine reserves in the central Philippines and the identification of key variables impacting reserve success (pdf)

Nuttall, Matthew – Systematic conservation planning for West African snakes: a comparison of methods (pdf)

Panait, Alexandra – Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) former and proposed reintroductions in Romania: a comparative attitudinal study (pdf)

Preston, Amy - Small scale alternatives to bushmeat: success or failure? (pdf)

Sainsbury, Katherine – Evaluating an evaluation method: testing the ranked outcomes framework using a community conservation case study in Tanzania (pdf)

Scheske, Christel – A critical analysis of socio-economic monitoring in the context of community-based marine conservation (pdf)

Scott, Donald – Habitat condition assessment for Langholm moor (pdf)

Tragett, Constance – From romanticised women to politicised gender: how has the literature addressed gender and natural resource use? (pdf)

Washington, Harri – Evaluating the effectiveness of conservation attention at a species level (pdf)

West, Kate – Investigations into the Senegalese trade in CITES-listed seahorses, Hippocampus algiricus (pdf)

Winney, Kyle – Quantifying land use change and identifying predictors of forest clearance in Seima Protection Forest, Cambodia (pdf)


Abrahams, Mark - The Prospect of Win Wins from REDD+; A Case Study in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve (pdf)

Alexander, Justine - An exploration of the role of bushmeat in Ghana’s rural communities (pdf)

Ashayeri, Delaram -  Potential approaches to improve biodiversity projects success and evaluation: A case study on wildlife projects of Global Environmental Facility, Small Grants Programme – Iran (pdf)

Bramwell, Ruth - Do salinity and pH help protect natterjack toads from chytridiomycosis, a disease caused by the amphibian fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (B.d.)? (pdf)

Carrier, Lisa - The effects of plantations and logged forests on small mammal populations (pdf)

Chilton, Henrietta – The where and why of saiga antelope distribution in West Kazakhstan (pdf)

Cusack, Jeremy - Characterising Small Mammal Responses to Tropical Forest Loss and Degradation in Northern Borneo Using Capture-Mark-Recapture Methods (pdf)

Davey, Alexandra - Mapping the distribution and prioritising the control of Casuarina equisetifolia in the Turks and Caicos Islands (pdf)

Elliot, Graham - Mapping the spring and winter distribution of Kalmykia's saiga population (pdf)

Evans, Ben - Hirola (beatragus hunteri) population status and depredation impacts in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya (pdf)

Gaitan, Andreea - The social networks of wild edible fungi (WEF) collectors and their implications for conservation (pdf)

Goh, Michelle -  Developing an automated acoustic monitoring system to estimate abundance of Cory’s Shearwaters in the Azores (pdf)

Green, Sara - The Caribbean Pine (Pinus caribaea var. bahamensis): management and ecology in the Turks and Caicos Islands (pdf)

Hopkins, Charlotte - External actors, high value resources and threatened species: Shark fin commodity chains of Northern Madagascar, interception for conservation (pdf)

Hudson, Michael - Estimating population trends in elusive species using dynamic occupancy modelling; the Critically Endangered Alaotran gentle lemur (pdf)

Knott, Emma - Changes in hunting policy: who bears the cost? (pdf)

Larrosa, Cecilia - The effectiveness of a range of protected area governance and management regimes in reducing deforestation: the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania (pdf)

Lockwood, Caroline - Analysis of Rhino Poaching in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (pdf)

Matwani, Dareen - People and plants: the story of Juniperus woodlands in Hayl Al Juwari (pdf)

Offord, Suzanne - An Evaluation of Potential Monitoring Strategies for Saiga Antelopes on the Ustyurt Plateau (pdf)

Pavitt, Alyson - The future of British odonata: Determining temporal range dynamics from distribution patterns and dispersal (pdf)

Pozo Rodríguez, Rocío - Habitat-species association in the Hispaniolan solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus); a quantitative study of an endangered Caribbean mammal (pdf)

Probert, James - The Tsavo hirola: current status and future management (pdf)

Samuel, Carlyn - Evaluating the success of a public engagement project for the conservation of the Ural Saiga population in Kazakhstan (pdf)

Saunders, Phil - The Problem with Parrots: Investigating Effective Sampling Techniques for Amazona barbadensis on Bonaire (pdf)

Shaw, Abbie -  Public perception of conservation work by UK zoos (pdf)

Short, Rebecca - Interdit D’Interdire – Identification Of Pitfalls In Development Of Community Management For Shark Fisheries Of Northern Madagascar (pdf)

Simm, Clare -  Investigating the effect of climatic variables on the migration of newts in the United Kingdom (pdf)

Swan, George - Spatial Variation in the Breeding Success of the Common Buzzard Buteo buteo in relation to Habitat Type and Diet (pdf)

Thompson, Ben - Investigating the economic viability and practicability of a blue carbon pilot project: a case study from Panay Island, the Philippines

Aveling, Thomas - Change we can believe in: assessing trends in abundance of galliformes in the Upper Seti Khola Valley, Nepal (pdf)

Brown, Matthew - Exploring a sustainable trophy hunting model for saiga antelope of the Betpak dala population of Kazakhstan (pdf)

Costelloe, Brendan - The power of global biodiversity indicators to detect and inform different protected area policies (pdf)

Daniel, Bronwen - The effects of upland management practices of avian diversity (pdf)

Dauncey, Victoria - Identifying local social data needed for conservation organisations designing livelihood programmes: a case study in the Seti Valley, Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal (pdf)

Dyson, Philippa - Assessing the effects of protected area management on the livelihoods and attitudes of local communities in the Shimba Hills, Kenya (pdf)

Earle-Mundil, Harry - Permanent monitoring plots for the national tree Pinus caribaea var. bahamensis and assessment of the distribution and conservation status of an associated endemic species Stenandrium carolinae in the Turks and Caicos Islands (pdf)

Fernandez Secades, Cristina - Analyzing human-wildlife conflict reports and public awareness and perceptions of Solenodon paradoxus and Plagiodontia aedium, Hispaniola’s last endemic mammals (West Indies) (pdf)

Ghoddousi, Arash - Habitat suitability modelling of the brown bear Ursus arctos in Croatia and Slovenia using telemetry data (pdf)

Gill, David - Drivers of change in hunter offtake and hunting strategies in Sendje, Equatorial Guinea (pdf)

Jamsranjav, Jargal - Key elements for success and weakness of Community Based Conservation in Mongolia (doc)

Jaworska, Natalie - Evaluating benefits of mangroves on fish pond production and protection in Ajuy, Panay Island, the Philippines (pdf)

Landymore, Stephanie - Measuring the potential development pressure on protected areas as a result of the mineral resources they contain (To Follow) le Courtois, Soizic - Household choices in rice cultivation in a social-ecological system and impacts on productivity: lessons from Anororo, Lac Alaotra, Madagascar (pdf)

Lin, Yangchen - The link between maximum likelihood and the forecast accuracy of mechanistic population models

Lloyd, Samuel - Habitat suitability modelling for the Anjouan Scops owl, a cryptic unstudied species (pdf)

Marino, Agnese - Public attitudes toward the brown bear in Croatia: a change over time (pdf)

Mollon, Alison - The effect of point count duration on avian density estimates. A case study of distance sampling surveys of the avifauna of St Lucia (pdf)

Nicholls, Alison - An assessment of the success of agri-environment schemes at increasing breeding success of lapwing in the Avon Valley, Hampshire (pdf)

Parks, Danielle - Crop damaging endangered parrots: finding solutions for both people and parrots on Bonaire (pdf)

Phillipson, Adam - Separating commodity fact from commodity fiction (pdf)

Richards, Matthew - Does nest temperature affect breeding success in the yellow-shouldered Amazon (Amazona barbadensis) on Bonaire, Dutch Antilles? (pdf)

Smith, Matthew - Assessing the viability of managed relocation as a conservation strategy (pdf)

Sullivan, Kathryn - Global biodiversity indicators: scenario modelling for fisheries policy (pdf)

Swart, Chloe - Measuring the state of health of sacred forests, Kenya. Using the black-and-white Colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliates) as an indicator species (pdf)

Uozumi, Ayako - Do zoos work at raising awareness? Quantifying the impact of informal education on adults visiting Japanese zoos (pdf)

van Broekhoven, Wouter - Perceptions driving local support for marine conservation. A comparison of three case studies in the Philippines (pdf)

Walters, Jessica - Evaluating the suitability of wildlife monitoring methodology for tropical forest conservation. A comparison of transect surveys and camera trapping (pdf)

Wheeler, Simon - The impact of human encroachment into natural ecosystems upon Cryptosporidium sp. and Giardia sp. infections in western lowland gorillas Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in Lope National Park, Gabon (pdf)

Armour-Marshall, Katrina - EDGE Hotspots as an Approach to Global Conservation Prioritisation of Phylogenetic Distinctiveness (pdf)

Boon, Laura - The Noble volunteer, conservation tool or urban legend? The motivation and benefits of volunteering within a modern conservation organisation. (doc)

Breach, Katherine - Quantifying the interactions between humans and endemic pitvipers (Bothrops caribbaeus) in Saint Lucia (doc)

Chauvenet, Alienor - Canine distemper virus impact on lion-cheetah interactions in the Serengeti National Park (pdf)

Damerell, Peter - From knowledge to behaviour: can environmental education realise its potential? (pdf)

Daniel, Olivia - Alytes obstetricans larval population and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection dynamics in the Pyrenees (doc)

Davies, Tim - An assessment of the conservation status of the whale shark Rhincodon typus in the Republic of Maldives using photo-identification and mark-recapture techniques (pdf)

French, Joanna - Can western lowland gorilla tourism become a viable tool for conservation in Gabon? (pdf)

Grey, Jacques - Prey selection by tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) in the Karnali floodplain of Bardia National Park, Nepal (pdf)

Hardman, Chloe - Invasive plants in the Turks and Caicos Islands (pdf)

Hopkins, Anna - Marine invertebrates as indicators of reef health. A study of the reefs in the region of Andavadoaka, south west Madagascar. (pdf)

Leon, Jenny - Evaluating the use of local knowledge in species distribution studies: A case study of Saiga antelope in Kalmykia, Russia. (pdf)

McCann, Rory - The influence of Red deer population control on the regeneration of Scots pine within a Scottish Highland estate (pdf)

Melin, Annalie - A bitter pill to swallow: A case study of the trade and harvest of Aloe ferox in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (pdf)

Owen, Michelle - Habitat suitability modelling for Eld's Deer Rucervus eldii siamensis, northwest Cambodia (pdf)

Renshaw, Paul - Are patterns of mycorrhizal specificity conserved across the orchid genus Masdevallia?  

Robertson, Gail - An Examination of Attitudes towards taking Birds of Prey from the wild for the purposes of Falconry in the UK (pdf)

Saffery, Jenna - Assessing the Potential Effects of Climate Change on Two Species of Rhinoceros, Diceros bicornis and Rhinoceros unicornis, Using Species Distribution Modelling (pdf)

Sajeva, Giulia - The Access and Benefit Sharing regime: entry requirements for indigenous and local people. A study in the Khwe and #Khomani San communities (pdf)

Tarasova, Olena - Systematic conservation planning in Ukraine under uncertainty (pdf)

Travers, Henry - Levelling the Playing Field: the Effects of Institutional Controls on Common Pool Resource Extraction (pdf)

Wallis, David - Evaluating the short-term success of a reintroduction of the Critically Endangered Ploughshare tortoise, Astrochelys yniphora. (doc)

White, Rachel - Assessing the impact of tourist development in St. Lucia on the Endangered White-breasted Thrasher (Ramphocinclus brachyurus) (pdf)

Whitham, Charlie - Linkages between the incentives and strategies of a hunter: A case study from Ghana (pdf)

Williams, Sophie - The Identification and Conservation of Important Plant Areas: A case study from the Turks and Caicos Islands (pdf)

Wright, Rachel - Biodiversity and the Beast: Exploring the potential for FSC sites across the Americas to contribute to conservation (pdf)

Abram, Nicola (2008). People - Protected Area Conflict: Unravelling the complexities of illegal resource use by forest dependent communities in Manombo Forest, Madagascar. (pdf)

Arai, Sayako (2008). Investigation on the spread of chytridiomycosis between UK natterjack toads and other inland amphibian populations within Cumbria. (pdf)

Avent, Tomos (2008). Dominance In a Mixed-Species Deer Exhibit at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. A Study Into Supplementary Feeding Methods to Create Greater Equality of Access. (pdf)

Brown, Heidi (2008). Assessing the Translocation of the St Lucia Whiptail Lizard Cnemidophorus vanzoi: A Retrospective Analysis of Abundance, Demographics and Habitat Utilization (pdf)

Cavusoglu, Korhan (2008). How do global conservation priorities map onto implementation of conservation in Cambodia. Coldwell, Vanessa (2008).

An Analysis of Methodologies used to study Medium and Large Mammals in the Valdivian Temperate Rainforests of central-southern Chile. (pdf)

Collins, Murray (2008). Old Wine in New Bottles, or A New Vintage in a Nebuchadnezza? REDD Implementation in Indonesia. (e-mail for a pdf)

De Ornellas, Paul (2008). How uncertainty affects conservation planning: A Florida case study. (pdf)

Earle, Sam (2008). Necropsy Reports from the European Captive Population of the Amur Leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis): as an example of zoos' contribution to inform captive population managers and support conservation activities. (pdf)

Foley-Fisher, Marion (2008). Tail colouration and disease susceptibility in the greenfinch. (pdf)

Gray, Hannah (2008). Feeding strategies to promote welfare and conservation of captive endangered primates. (pdf)

Guillera, Gurutzeta (2008). Occupancy and detectability of Hapalemur alaotrensis. Recommendations for monitoring. (pdf)

Hudson, Joanna (2008). Monitoring declines in widely distributed species: case study of the Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix) and the IUCN Red List. (pdf)

Jones, Miranda (2008). Distribution and Conservation of Montserrat's Endemic Flora. (pdf)

Knights, Kathryn (2008). Who ate all the crocodiles? An investigation of trends and patterns in trade and consumption of bushmeat in Gabon. (pdf)

Lahoz Monfort, Jose (2008). Habitat suitability modelling for the Alaotran gentle lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis). (pdf)

Lyle, Demian (2008). Determinants of Reptile Reintroduction Success. (pdf)

McCoy, Katherine (2008). Reducing the role of the United Kingdom in the illegal timber trade: A critical analysis of the proposed 'Illegally Logged Timber (Prohibition of Sale and Distribution)' Bill. (pdf)

Murayama, Akira (2008). The Tsushima Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis euptilura): Population Viability Analysis and Conservation Strategy. (pdf)

Murton, Erin (2008). The Abundance and Distribution of reptiles on a small tropical island: Implications for the conservation of reptile communities. (pdf)

Okayasu, Sana (2008). The Status of Ecotourism in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania. (pdf)

O'Neill, Helen (2008). Designing Robust Ranger Based Monitoring Strategies for the Saiga Antelope Saiga tatarica tatarica. (pdf)

Owen, Charlotte (2008). Mapping biodiversity in a modified landscape. (pdf)

Richardson, Vanessa (2008). How do protected areas impact local livelihoods? (pdf)

Rocha, Ricardo (2008). Birds in humanized landscapes: São Tomé endemic birds' response to agricultural intensification. (pdf)

Stow, Sarah (2008). Distribution of invasive plant species in Montserrat. (pdf)

Symes, William (2008). Avoided deforestation in Ache. (pdf)

Takahata, Chihiro (2008). Identifying spatial and temporal patterns of fire in the Manas National Park, India: Implications for grassland habitat conservation. (pdf)

Whitebread, Elisabeth (2008). Evaluating the potential for participatory monitoring of saiga antelope by local villagers in Kalmykia, Russia. (pdf)

Whiting, Susanne (2008). The impact of demographic factors on biodiversity. A case study of East Germany. (pdf)