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Knowledge Exchange @ ICCS is bringing cutting edge research to conservation policy and practice. Please explore the Knowledge Exchange @ ICCS web pages for more details on our projects!

Prue Addison is a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow who works closely with multinational businesses, government agencies and NGOs bringing lessons from conservation science to help mainstream biodiversity in the private sector. Prue's work focuses on corporate biodiversity accountability in particular, helping businesses develop systems to measure, evaluate and report on their biodiversity performance.

Molly Grace is a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow and a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Task Force on Assessing Conservation Success. This Task Force is responsible for the development of the IUCN Green List of Species, which will measure species recovery and the impact of conservation actions on recovery. Molly’s KE work focuses on using the Green List framework to help governments and businesses assess the impact of their conservation actions.