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Keeping an eye on wellbeing with the Makushi Amerindians

Posted by Ben Palmer Fry Mi-ari-mang e pri-a-nang? Pri-a-wai, tengi. I’ve been working with Makushi Amerindian communities in the Guyanese interior for the last 4 years and this is about the extent of my indigenous language skills… not so much due to a lack of…

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Incentives and attitudes of natural resource users

Human behaviour drives biodiversity change, and individual decisions are set within an institutional framework. If we are to design interventions that are effective in changing behaviour, we need to understand the incentives that people face, and the underlying attitudes, norms and institutions which constrain their choices.

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Dr. Tom Clements

PhD student

My interests focus on how incentives for environmental conservation operate and affect human behaviour across multiple scales and different institutional arrangements. Over the past 10 years I have worked on the…

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