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The crown jewel of Ghana’s biodiversity

Posted by John Kusimi, lecturer in the University of Ghana’s Department of Geography, who visited ICCS this month. “Atewa Range Forest Reserve – The Crown Jewel of Ghana’s Biodiversity” is the heading of the preface of a booklet by Conservation International on the Atewa Range…

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Fishing for clues: behaviour of fishers in a tropical tuna purse seine fishery

Posted by Tim Davies Breaking out of the usual pop theme of the blog I’ve written a short summary of a study I recently(ish) presented at a conference in Brisbane, Australia. The fish stocks of the world’s ocean are bountiful but not inexhaustible and as…

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Megareserves: Is policy ahead of science?

Posted by Tim Davies The open ocean is vast. Flying over it at 36,000 feet it is easy to think that it is free of any human presence, a great blue wilderness. Yet over the past sixty years fishing fleets have conquered the open ocean…

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Protected, or not protected: that is the question

Posted by Ana Nuno Protected areas (PAs) are often described as a key tool in conservation to ensure species survival, providing safe spots where they can persist while threats are present or imminent in other areas of their range. Broad in their definition and categories,…

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Annabelle Bladon

Munro Building, Room N1.9 Silwood Park Campus Imperial College London Buckhurst Road Ascot Berkshire SL5 7PY a.bladon12 @ imperial.ac.uk Skype: annabelle.bladon Background I am interested in the social and ecological challenges faced by sustainable fisheries management. I have a background in the biological sciences, but after…

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Charlie Edwards

Imperial College London Silwood Park Campus Buckhurst Road Ascot Berkshire, SL5 7PY charles.edwards @ imperial.ac.uk Research interests My research is focused on the development and application of strategies to sustainably manage exploited species, both marine and terrestrial. Much of this work comes under the heading…

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Management of natural resource use

Because conservation resources are so limited, it is critical that we develop methods for prioritising effort and funding. We focus on a decision theoretic approach, where the objectives, costs, state of the system, our understanding of the system dynamics and uncertainties are made explicit and…

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Nils Bunnefeld

Postdoctoral researcher

My main research interests encompass conservation, management and dynamics of exploited species and systems, using the combination of empirical data collection and modelling to investigate the interaction between humans and natural resources. I have…

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Sarah Martin

Research associate

My main research interests lie in the use of social and ecological research to improve fisheries management. I am particularly interested in small-scale fisheries, and have been involved in projects ranging from the south-east Asian fisheries of…

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Ana Nuno

PhD student

My broad research interests are focused at understanding human-wildlife interactions and anthropogenic drivers of biodiversity change in order to minimize conflict and to support sustainable use of wildlife resources…

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